Alan Bloor - photo by Jamie Todd

Pholde is the ambient side of sound artist Alan Bloor,
who is also known for his extreme noise project called Knurl.
Pholde creates ambient soundscapes by the bowing and scraping
of self-created metal sound-sculptures with other metal objects.

"Circular saw blades, car springs, iron meshing and fan blades are bowed
and scraped with hand files, smooth and threaded metal rods, angle iron
and blocks of steel to produce atmospheric, haunting soundscapes."

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Currently Available Pholde CDs:

Inwhich One May Descend is available online for $10.00 US globally.
Click on the cover image for sound samples and complete information.

"Beautiful and unique, the work of Pholde never ceases to delight and inspire me. "In Which One May Descend" continues in this vein, and is a work of truly engaging music that will delight fans of Alan's previous work and will hopefully draw attention to more people who are willing to open their ears to new sounds and ideas. Highly recommended."

ric maclean - ping things

Sculptor by Pholde + Sylken is available online for $15.00CAN plus taxes and shipping.

"A collaboration between Eric Hopper of Sylken and Alan Bloor of Pholde and Knurl (along with frequent Sylken collaborator Joe G.), "Sculptor" is a perfect blending of styles, a seemless match of textures and tones. The metallic sounds of Alan's sculptures prove to be the perfect compliment to the drifting atmospheres of Eric's music, creating a mesmerizing tableau of sound simultaneously familiar and alien to the listener. "

ric maclean - ping things

...and With It, We Shall Divide is now available online globally for $12 US.
Click on the cover image for sound samples and complete information.

"Pholde's clangorous and ghostly ...And With It We Shall Divide would be perfect listening for those dark creative moods when you need something that will take your imagination somewhere other than the stale white walls that typically surround us all and into someplace ghastly and colossally frightening. Perhaps you're even looking for something to set a dark mood for a book you're reading, to brood upon, to massage your own discordant mind with something darker than your own thoughts (or perhaps just to scare the bajeebers out of little kids on Halloween). I don't think I've heard anything quite this creepy in a long time."

Laura B. - Sublevel 203

In Accordance With Conscience is available online globally for $12 US.
Click on the cover image for sound samples and complete information.

"I found this disc surprisingly dark. It seemed to use a major set of metallic vibrations through each piece, some stood out in the forefront while others moved to the background. This in itself created a certain tension because of its metallic properties. While other tones of sharp and deeper qualities were introduced, it created a sense of conflict and contrast, yet maintained a fragile balance in the same instant.
In Accordance With Conscience was nearly overwhelming in its daring simplicity and was uncommonly intriguing."

Laura B. - Sublevel 203

Other Pholde CDs


All pieces produced and recorded live in 2000.12

Seal To Self

Recorded in 2001.04 entirely from found metal objects.


This Knurl CD from 2000 introduced the new Pholde ambient soundscape sound.

This page features photos of some of Alan's unique metal sound-sculptures
from his performances at THE AMBiENT PiNG - Toronto's unique
weekly live ambient and experimental music event.

THE AMBiENT PiNG @ Hacienda (formerly the Tequila Lounge)
Doors open 9pm - 1st set 9:30 - 794 Bathurst Street at Bloor - Toronto
(directly across from the Bathurst subway station)

Check for upcoming Pholde performances at THE AMBiENT PiNG's Event Schedule

All photos courtesy of Jamie Todd.


June 10th 2003 (with Aidan Baker and Thomas Baker)
Alan Bloor - photo by Jamie Todd
Aidan Baker, Alan Bloor and Thomas Baker - photo by Jamie Todd


March 4th 2003
Alan Bloor - photo by Jamie Todd


February 12th 2002
Alan Bloor - photo by Jamie ToddAlan Bloor - photo by Jamie Todd


July 3rd 2001
Alan Bloor - photo by Jamie Todd
Alan Bloor - photo by Jamie ToddAlan Bloor - photo by Jamie Todd



January 9th 2001 (with cheryl o)
Alan Bloor - photo by Jamie ToddAlan Bloor and cheryl o - photo by Jamie Todd



September 12th 2000 (with Michael Rockwood)
Alan Bloor and Michael Rockwood - photo by Jamie Todd
Alan Bloor - photo by Jamie Todd

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