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• Saturday February 24th . 9pm ET . PiNG LiVE iN SPACE 24
A Tribute to Robertson Holt with Mikrosleep + uSARG + Adjala +
pantsless parandroid + Shimmer Crush + SeniorBeatBox . FREE


Jamie Todd of dreamSTATE LiVE at THE AMBiENT PiNG - Photo by Mario Georgiou


FREE downloadable releases
from DRONE:KLUB + the PiNG

DRONE:KLUB2 • Dec. 1st 2016 sound recording
DRONE:KLUB3 • Jan. 11th 2016 sound recording

LiVE PiNG 2014 11 25 with
URM + General Chaos Visuals

URM performs ambient electronic soundscapes and sequencer
driven Berlin School electronics to the light painting projections of
General Chaos Visuals
live at THE AMBiENT PiNG in Toronto's
Array Space

All music was generated in real time utilizing a virtual studio of
synthesizers, effect units and step sequencers. Light paintings
were also projected and created in real time utilizing hand
painted gels and analog projectors.

As the show was captured with a single camera there's a lot
chaotic compositing of the Chaos Visuals and light paintings
which makes it a very psychedelic experience - like a
concert being held inside a lava lamp.

URM 2015 PiNG LiST EP:
Can I Kip Here Tonight?

URM 2014 PiNG LiST LP:
CryMeA Shiver
HOV Lane
Weather Warring
floating on a gentle butterfly breeze
The Sandy Triptych

FREE downloadable releases
from the ping things net label:

Three (Sixty) by Panoramaroid
Persona Non Grata by Lorne David Thomson
Live at The Ambient Ping

Ecoroots by Robert Carty
Transmissions by AKUMU
Ghost House
by Lorne David Thomson
The Zen of Zero
by Reinholt56

The Warm Portrait by Lorne David Thomson
Smoke in a High Room by Lorde Awesome, Cymbl,
and James Thomson

Its What Was in the Sky That Day
by Ben John Robertson

by Lorne David Thomson
Meditation Modulation Manipulation
by Sensitive Chaos

by URM
Driftwood by ainm
River Heart
by Love Puppets

Quadra Station by Lorne David Thomson
Live on Alien Air Radio by Resonant Drift

singular by Spatial Correlation
Swimming Alone by Lorne David Thomson
Of Uncertain Aspect by PHOLDE
a decade dreaming by dreamSTATE
iNTHiSHOUSE by subduction current
Mechanism of the Soul by Reinholt 56
Love and the Fear of Poverty by Spatial Correlation
fluctuations by mara's torment
Music for Travellers #2 by Panoramaroid
Ensoulment by Remora
October Sky by Building Castles Out of Matchsticks
tactile by mara's torment
Where did we come from defcon? by Ortiz
Land by Nunc Stans
Aqua by Andrew Duke
The Perfect City by Phil Ogison
Les Landes by Spatial Correlation

• the complete listing of shows from

Some of the ALMOST LiVE SERiES performance are still
available for download on the AMBiENT PiNG RADiO podcast.
Click the linked dates to download.

October 2nd 2006 . Pholde and NOiNO
October 9th 2006 . Salvagesound
October 16th 2006 . Psychosomatic Climax Machine
October 23rd 2006 . URM
October 30th 2006 . mara's torment
November 6th 2006 . dreamSTATE with Wally Jericho
November 13th 2006 . Numina
November 20th 2006 . NAW
November 27th 2006 . GeekWeekend

December 11th 2006 . Sensitive Chaos
December 18th 2006 . Michael Sandler
January 8th 2007 . TouchXtone
January 15th 2007 . Anomalous Disturbances
January 22nd 2007 . Remora

January 29th 2007 . Austere
February 5th 2007 . Resonant Drift

February 12th 2007 . Angelmark
February 19th 2007 . Anachronic XP
February 26th 2007 . Colin Stewart
March 5th 2007 . Titania
• March 12th 2007 . Building Castles out of Matchsticks
• March 19th 2007 . Love Puppets

March 26th 2007.
mara's torment
• April 2nd 2007 . Styrohead

• April 23rd 2007 . TouchXtone

• April 23rd 2007 . Undo

and if that's not enough PiNG MUSiC, then play these RealAudio
Samples Recorded Live at

dreamSTATE • 31/08/99
Wally Jericho 15/02/00
karmafarm 04/04/00

All copyrights are protected and held by the original copyright holders.

Scott M2 of dreamSTATE  LiVE at THE AMBiENT PiNG - Photo by Mario Georgiou
Mara's Torment LiVE at THE AMBiENT PiNG - Photo by Jamie Todd
cheryl o  LiVE at THE AMBiENT PiNG - Photo by Jamie Todd
Aidan Baker LiVE at THE AMBiENT PiNG - Photo by Jamie Todd
Ben grossman LiVE at THE AMBiENT PiNG - Photo by Jamie Todd
Steven Sauve  LiVE at THE AMBiENT PiNG - Photo by Jamie Todd